The Story Behind the Book

Neurologist, Dr. Kaya Lena Jerito, has involuntarily plummeted into an inter-dimensional battle with feuding, supernatural beings. Her adventure begins with a seemingly unsolvable disease killing dozens on the dark streets and alleys of Miami, FL. She is pulled in as a specialist and tasked with finding a solution to save innocent lives. Usually a woman with answers, she finds herself in completely uncharted territory, both professionally and personally. A charming man enters her life at the most inopportune time and brings with him death, loss, and struggles. Her life forever changed, she has no choice but to be helped by the very strange visitors she wants to avoid. Will she be able to return her life to some form of normalcy or will she only delve deeper into the impending conflict? She doesn't know it, but her decision will affect the lives of countless unknowns around the globe. Does she make the right decision? Read Taboo Descendants: Unlikely Heroes to find out!


The Adventure Does Not End Here!

Follow K. D. on social media for various posts regarding recent writing, editing, and publishing experiences. K. D. will continue to publish short stories as Taboo Descendants is pitched to agents and publishers. Look out for exciting (and creepy) writing this fall as K. D. participates in NaNoWriMo 2016!